The Brico group is the leading distributor of DIY-related products in Belgium. Present since 1973, the group now has more than 150 stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands under the Brico, BricoCity and BricoPlanit brands.

  • Realization of the development plan, studies of potential turnover, impact studies, procedures for commercial permits. 


The Group of Musketeers is a distributor that brings together independent entrepreneurs and business leaders. The Group of Musketeers is therefore a group of independents created by independents for independents, called Members.

  • Realization of the development plan, studies of potential turnover, impact studies, procedures for commercial permits.

Les Papeteries de Genval

The river running through the area has been cleaned up and restored and a thriving mixed neighborhood of 7 hectares has been designed and built: 390 apartments, 15,000 m² of retail space and a retirement home with 101 full-service apartments.

  • Market studies, retail positioning and permit procedures for commercial establishments.

Belval – Esch-sur-Alzette & Sanem

The industrial wasteland gives way to a new urban district of 85 hectares. The site offers a unique diversity in terms of work with nearly 20,000 jobs, housing for a capacity of around 7,000 people and daily life: schools, shops, leisure, etc.

  • Market studies and definition of the optimal programming of the project

Quartier Enée – Gembloux

The site offers a great opportunity to carry out a modern and current quality urban development on a former industrial wasteland. The project aims to create a real multifunctional space: companies, offices, shops, leisure.

  • Realization of multifunctional programming studies, and support in the process of applying for permits for commercial establishments.


Park Avenue – Nice

Project of 14 luxury shops and a restaurant at the foot of the building (total of 4,300 m²). The location by the sea, the high windows and the integration into the grounds of a 5-star hotel will be the perfect setting for luxury brands.

  • Study of commercial potential, estimation of projected flows, writing of the impact analysis report, and management of the procedure for requesting a commercial exploitation authorization (CDAC).


Wijnegem Shop Eat Enjoy

The Wijnegem Shop Eat Enjoy center (60,000 m²) is the largest shopping center in Belgium. Revamped in 2018, the site is a real meeting place where the shopping experience mixes with leisure, services and catering.

  • Support through market studies and surveys aimed at optimizing the shopping.

Standard de Liège – Stadium renovation and extension 

Renovation and extension of the Standard de Liège football stadium as well as the development of a semi-public esplanade. The program also includes additional functions: offices, shops, leisure, fitness, nursery.

  • Analysis of the commercial market, and support on the procedures for applying for permits for commercial establishments


Perspectiv’ – Esch-sur-Alzette

The project will be deployed over 68,000 m² and will include more than 350 housing units, a diversified offer of shops and restaurants, offices equipped with the latest technologies as well as quality public infrastructures, including a sports hall.

  • Market studies and definition of the optimal programming of the project.


Vivaldi – Boulogne-Billancourt

Thirty years after the closure of the Renault factories, a multifunctional development program is planned on Seguin Island: more than 117,000 m² of offices, shops, leisure and catering are expected.

  • Realization of market studies and definition of the optimal multifunctional programming

Exki Lille

The brand opened a third restaurant in Lille and before starting the adventure, Exki wanted to know its turnover forecast. It is crucial before starting an activity, moreover since it is essential to manage the risks (and sometimes even to reassure the financial partners !). Our potential turnover studies are built based on different techniques: proven statistical model or commercial saturation for example, in order to provide you with the most accurate data. [well]

A potential turnover study is split in 5 big parts :

  1. project site analysis (a survey of the ground realized by our consultants)
  2. competition analysis, with a visit of the restaurants
  3. determination of the trading area
  4. socio-demographic study
  5. potential turnover evaluation
[/well] [caption id="attachment_2431" align="alignnone" width="823"] Natural, Fresh & Ready pour EXKI[/caption]   Based on the different studies made, a SWOT analysis has also been provided. A SWOT analysis is a study of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the project. This analysis clearly helps to position the project: the recommendations resulting from the analysis allow to clearly know what’s ahead and in certain cases, to adress from the outset certain weaknesses.
The results being more than positive, a new adventure is starting for Exki !

Shopping Cora : purchasing behaviour

Upon Cora’s request, GeoConsulting analyses user’s purchase behaviours and determines the real retail areas within the 9 Cora shopping, totaling more than 150.000 m² GLA, in Belgium and Luxemburg. The identification of the shop effective catchment area is based on the localization of the customers and the commercial penetration by postcode. Regarding the analysis of the purchasing behaviours, quantitative and qualitative surveys are conducted by GeoConsulting. A simple survey is elaborated by GeoConsulting and validated by the client.

The objective of those surveys is to gather relevant information from the consumers (visiting frequency, shopping satisfaction, strengths and weaknesses, where else do they go ? for what reasons ?...)
  1. Understanding consumers’ purchase behaviors ;
  2. Identifying customers’ profiles
  3. Analyzing positive and negative factors
  4. Identifying the mall effective catchment area and its reachable potential
[/well] [caption id="attachment_2442" align="alignnone" width="630"] Shopping in confortable areas[/caption]   Those studies are realized with mini IPad’s, with a pre-encoded survey to facilitate its execution, with a scientific margin error always lower than 5%. Thanks to this better understanding of the different kinds of costumers, a marketing strategy is established which allows to implement simple but efficient actions to better answer actual and future consumers’ expectations.

Primark Mons

The Primark brand is setting up in the center of Mons and therefore, a commercial business permit is necessary (which is actually the case for all commercial surfaces exceeding 400m²). The development of the business implementation permit requires rigor and accuracy, the administrative procedure is mandatory and complex (change of legislation: competency regionalized with the legal decree of 5th February 2015, applied since 1st June 2015). [well]

A commercial business implementation permit consists of :

  1. a document generated by the « LOGIC » software (Localisation and management of commercial implementations)
  2. a business permit implementation form

A justification of 4 delivery criteria

  1. Consumer protection
  2. Urban environment protection
  3. Social policy
  4. Contribution to a more sustainable mobility
[/well] [caption id="attachment_2430" align="alignnone" width="770"] Vue 3D de la future implémentation de Primark à Mons.[/caption]   Based on our expertise (+ than 60 files introduced since the new legislation, representing 50% of all Walloon files), we have set up our own analytic tool intended for the preparation and monitoring of the file in order to facilitate its development. From the very beginning we assess the file qualities and detect the improvements that can be done in order to improve it.
We are aware that both the new legislation and the administrative procedure are complex. That’s why we take care of it for you.
We have been the privileged contact point for Primark during the whole file preparation, as well as for the meeting with the competent authorities. [well]

For the Primark brand, as with all our business implementation permit requests, we have been taking care of :

  1. the writing of the legal permit
  2. the file presentation to the competent authority
  3. the file introduction
  4. the file follow-up until we get the decision of the competent authority
[/well] Our expertise, our reactivity and our large understanding of the legal requirements allows us to manage all aspects of the procedure.

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GeoConsulting is accredited within the framework of the “Growth” voucher scheme. As such, GeoConsulting can carry out diagnostic and support missions in business growth and development.

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