Shopping Cora : purchasing behaviour

Upon Cora’s request, GeoConsulting analyses user’s purchase behaviours and determines the real retail areas within the 9 Cora shopping, totaling more than 150.000 m² GLA, in Belgium and Luxemburg.

The identification of the shop effective catchment area is based on the localization of the customers and the commercial penetration by postcode.
Regarding the analysis of the purchasing behaviours, quantitative and qualitative surveys are conducted by GeoConsulting. A simple survey is elaborated by GeoConsulting and validated by the client.

The objective of those surveys is to gather relevant information from the consumers (visiting frequency, shopping satisfaction, strengths and weaknesses, where else do they go ? for what reasons ?…)


  1. Understanding consumers’ purchase behaviors ;
  2. Identifying customers’ profiles
  3. Analyzing positive and negative factors
  4. Identifying the mall effective catchment area and its reachable potential


Shopping in confortable areas


Those studies are realized with mini IPad’s, with a pre-encoded survey to facilitate its execution, with a scientific margin error always lower than 5%.

Thanks to this better understanding of the different kinds of costumers, a marketing strategy is established which allows to implement simple but efficient actions to better answer actual and future consumers’ expectations.

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GeoConsulting is accredited within the framework of the “Growth” voucher scheme. As such, GeoConsulting can carry out diagnostic and support missions in business growth and development.

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